Eco line


Eco Line range of carbon filters - Easy to install and super-reliable, the activated carbon inside each filter effectively removes all odours from your room whilst allowing your ventilation fans to work more efficiently than competitor carbon filters.

Filled with activated stone coal 1050 m3/h surface and dressed with F5 white pre-filter. For cleaning the incoming, outgoing or bypassing flow or air from bad smell using physical or chemical adsorption.

Scope of application: Hospitals, food-processing industry, chemical industry, public buildings, kitchens, office rooms, lavatories, crematories, butcher shops...
Temperature: Maximal flow of air temperature = 70°C
Relative humidity: Maximal flow of air humidity = 70%

Which size carbon filter do I need?

Calculate your required carbon filter in just three easy steps. These calculations are based on changing the air in your room once every minute.

  1. Measure the volume of air in your room by multiplying the length by the width by the height (in meters) of the room. E.g. A room measuring 3m x 4m with a ceiling height of 2m has an air volume of 3 x 4 x 2 = 24m3.
  2. Multiply the air volume by 60. This gives you the amount of air you need to move each hour.
  3. Select the filter(s) below where the total of each filter’s maximum airflow exceeds the value you just calculated (2).

Associated with an exhaust air flow and diameter compatible, it prevents all odors out of your room, avoiding the intrusion of noise.

  K2600 flat  100/125 x 135 mm250 m3/h 200 m3/h 2.5 kg132 pcs
  K2601 flat  100/125 x 250 mm440 m3/h 360 m3/h 3.6 kg80 pcs
  K2600 mini  100/125 x 180 mm240 m3/h 160 m3/h 1.9 kg192 pcs
K2600100/125 x 250 mm360 m3/h 240 m3/h 2.4 kg144 pcs
K2601100/125 x 400 mm480 m3/h 360 m3/h 3.6 kg 96 pcs
K2602150/160 x 400 mm620 m3/h 475 m3/h 5.1 kg 60 pcs
K2603150/160 x 650 mm900 m3/h 700 m3/h 7.8 kg 45 pcs
K2604200 x 500 mm1000m3/h 780 m3/h 9.4 kg 36 pcs
K2605200 x 750 mm1300 m3/h1000 m3/h14.2 kg 27 pcs
K2606250 x 750 mm1500 m3/h1100 m3/h16.8 kg 14 pcs

The chart below shows just how efficient Prima Klima’s Eco Line carbon filters are by demonstrating the “pressure drop” for each model. Pressure drop refers to the amount of air resistance created by the carbon filter.

Air drop pressure graph