Industry line


For professionals who demand premium performance, durability and quality, look no further than Prima Klima’s Industrial Line of carbon filters. There really is no better carbon filter available in the marketplace.

In addition to the unbeatable quality of our activated carbon (used in all our filters) Prima Klima has also developed a proprietary technique to ensure that all the carbon settles perfectly in the filter. This means that every single cubic centimetre of activated carbon is fully exploited for its intended purpose: air filtration!

We use a higher carbon density in our Industry Line carbon filters that is subject to less movement and produces less carbon dust than competitor filters.

The Industry Line carbon filter boasts premium quality Prefilters and built-in hanging hooks for easier assembly, especially in horizontally mounted hanging positions.

Finally, the Industry Line boasts a longer lifetime than any competitor carbon filter—two years!

 (flange x height*) 
K1600100 x  250 mm 280 m3/h 180 m3/h 2.8 kg144 pcs
K1601100 x  400 mm 420 m3/h 180 m3/h 4.4 kg 96 pcs
K1602125 x  200 mm 280 m3/h 240 m3/h 2.8 kg144 pcs
K1603125 x  400 mm 460 m3/h 360 m3/h 5.2 kg 96 pcs
K1604125 x  600 mm 700 m3/h 460 m3/h 7.6 kg 72 pcs
K1605150 x  500 mm 680 m3/h 460 m3/h 7.3 kg 45 pcs
K1606150 x  800 mm1080 m3/h 820 m3/h11.2 kg 30 pcs
K1607160 x  500 mm 720 m3/h 480 m3/h 7.9 kg 45 pcs
K1608160 x  800 mm1150 m3/h 880 m3/h12.2 kg 30 pcs
K1609200 x  500 mm1090 m3/h 810 m3/h 9.2 kg 36 pcs
K1610200 x  800 mm1650 m3/h1150 m3/h14.1 kg 24 pcs
K1611250 x  750 mm1800 m3/h1200 m3/h17.2 kg 14 pcs
K1612250 x 1000 mm2700 m3/h1800 m3/h22.0 kg 12 pcs
K1613315 x  750 mm2700 m3/h1800 m3/h26.0 kg 12 pcs
K1614315 x 1000 mm3600 m3/h2400 m3/h33.2 kg 12 pcs
K1615315 x 1250 mm4700 m3/h2800 m3/h42.0 kg  8 pcs

*Height without flange.