Sunmaster lamps


The Sunmaster twin lamp system allows the user to quickly and conveniently switch from blue—designed for vegetative light (Cool Deluxe) to red—flowering (Super HPS Deluxe). What's more, Sunmaster lamps are more effective than standard Metal Halide or HPS lamps, providing up to 10% more red-rich light and 70% more blue-rich light.

Sunmaster lamp

Sunmaster Cool Deluxe Conversion lamps—For Super Vigorous Vegetative Growth

  • This industry-leading lamp promotes higher chlorophyll levels for greener, healthier, more productive plants
  • Promotes large leaf area / mass
  • Encourages increased number of internodes while maintaining a compact plant form
  • Offsets the blue spectral deficiencies of standard HPS light

Mature plants require a larger percentage of higher frequencies (590 to 700 nanometers). This area of the spectrum is delivered by Sunmaster Super HPS Deluxe Lamps and provides numerous growth benefits.

Part numberCode TypeQuantity per palletIn cartonWeight
LM.250W.U46.CDX00235250 Watt960 pcs24 pcs0.21 kg
LM.400W.U46.CDX25864400 Watt960 pcs24 pcs0.25 kg
LM.600W.U46.CDX33912600 Watt960 pcs12 pcs0.35 kg
LM.1000W.U46.CDX000071000 Watt384 pcs12 pcs0.52 kg

Sunmaster Super HPS Deluxe Lamps – Flowering

Starlight reflector
  • Encourages earlier flowering and increases total number of flower / fruit sites
  • Supports accelerated linear growth
  • Increases total number of branches as well as internodes
  • Delivers higher fruit weight
  • Produces higher yields (total biomass)

At specific times in the growing cycle, plants require a variety of different types of light radiation. In other words—immature plants have different needs to those about to mature. To maximise the potential of your plants and to ensure that they grow healthy, strong and productive, you need to deliver just the right king of light radiation—at the right time!

The new Sunmaster Dual Spectrum lamp is a radically new lamp that has been scientifically researched and designed specifically for the commercial and hobby grower. Using the new Dual Spectrum lamps (which are fully compatible with your existing fittings and ballasts) you can deliver improved blue-rich and red-rich light to your plants at the crucial stages in their development.

Stage one—Early and Vegetative Plant Growth

For photosynthesis, plants need spectral light distribution between 400 and 700 nanometers. This is technically known as "Photosynthetically Active Radiation" or PAR. However, in younger plants it is the region between 400 nm and 550 nm that's most crucial. This region is commonly referred to as "blue light".

Stage two—Maturity

A maturing plant has markedly different needs to a younger plant. As it approaches maturity, it requires less of the "blue –rich light" and depends more upon radiation from the red portion of the spectrum between 550 and 700 nm.

For optimum results it is always recommended that blue-rich Metal Halide lamps are installed to promote early plant growth and then, as plants reach maturity, these are changed to, or supplemented with, HPS lamps which deliver the crucial reds to promote flowering.

The new Sunmaster Dual Spectrum range cleverly combines extra blue and red into one dual spectrum lamp.

  • Available in 250, 400, 600 and 1000 Watts.
  • Fully compatible with existing fittings and ballasts
  • Superior lamp performance
  • Energy efficient
  • Designed to provide optimum plant growth
Part numberCode TypeQuantity per palletIn cartonWeight
SL.250W.U46DSP10037250 Watt900 pcs24 pcs0.21 kg
SL.400W.U46.DSP10035400 Watt900 pcs24 pcs0.22 kg
SL.600W.U46.DSP10036600 Watt480 pcs12 pcs0.23 kg
SL.1000W.U46.DSP100381000 Watt480 pcs12 pcs0.37 kg