One-speed fans


Prima Klima’s single speed fans have been produced for the ultimate cost/benefit relationship—especially for users who own existing thermostatic temperature control equipment. They are produced with one of the leading brands of Swiss motor. We add a touch of German engineering to create a super reliable and virtually silent-running fan!

Available with European, Swiss or UK plugs and cables, or fan only, according to your needs. Reduction flanges/spigots are also available on request.

MES motors are fitted as standard with backward formed impellers for up to 15% more airflow than standard fans.

Code Speed
(m3/h )
Power CurrentVoltage Weight Quantity
per pallet 
PK100 MES 280 100 mm  40 W0.18 A230 V2.2 kg 84 pcs
PK125 MES 420 125 mm  60 W0.26 A230 V2.3 kg 84 pcs
PK150 MES 760 150 mm  105 W0.46 A230 V3.7 kg 72 pcs
PK160 MES 800 160 mm  105 W0.46 A230 V3.7 kg 72 pcs
PK200 MES 950 200 mm  160 W0.67 A230 V3.8 kg 72 pcs