Take the guesswork out of your room with this easy-to-use, reliable and efficient digital fan controller.

The Prima Klima KLC-2M couldn’t be easier to use. Simply set your desired room temperature and let it do the work of controlling your fans to achieve a constant, optimum temperature for your room, all the while ensuring that all-important negative room pressure and total environmental control.

See how easy it is to control your garden’s temperature

  • ISO 9003 product (Triple checked and controlled)
  • Produced with the highest technology and material available
  • SMT technology used to produce Surface Mount Device (SMD), which turns it possible to offer more in less space
  • 2 inductive power (2x 300 W or 2x 600 W, 230 V, 1.6 A)
  • Water and humidity resistant (IP54)
  • Ready to use with 2 meters cables
TRIO2M-EU2x300W with EU plug 160 x 130 x 90 mm 0.66 kg
TRIO2M-CH2x300W with Swiss plug 160 x 130 x 90 mm 0.66 kg
TRIO2M-UK2x300W with England plug 160 x 130 x 90 mm 0.66 kg
TRIO2M-US2x300W with American plug 160 x 130 x 90 mm 0.66 kg
TRIO2MS2x600W 160 x 130 x 110 mm 0.74 kg