Temperature controlled fans


Prima Klima’s unique, temperature controller airflow tube fans are ideal for duct installations. The fans are equipped with highly efficient backward curved blades and are made from premium quality, Swiss motor components. The plastic housing is made of flame resistant polyamide comprised from 15% glass.

These state-of-the-art inline ventilators are protected by a thermal switch to prevent overheating and are available with a humidity sensor.

MES motors are fitted as standard with backward formed impellers for up to 15% more airflow than standard fans.

Available with EURO or UK plug and cables or body only.

  • We use for our fans MES motors. Both have backward formed impellers which give us up to 15% more airflow.
  • The fans come with EUR or UK plug and cables or without cable.
  • Temperature control in rooms with outdoor air.
Temperature controller fans
Code Speed
Power CurrentVoltage Weight Quantity
per pallet 
 PK100 TEMP CTRL 280 100 mm 40 W0.18A  230V 2.3 kg  84 pcs
 PK125 TEMP CTRL 400125 mm 60 W0.26A  230V 2.4 kg  84  pcs
PK150 TEMP CTRL  760 150 mm  105 W0.46 A230 V3.7 kg 72 pcs
PK160 TEMP CTRL  800 160 mm  105 W0.46 A230 V3.7 kg 72 pcs
PK200 TEMP CTRL  950 200 mm  160 W0.67 A230 V3.8 kg 72 pcs

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