Two-speed fans


Two speeds at the flick of a switch! Two separate windings in each unit afford professionals the ability to run their fans at two different speeds depending on their needs. This is ideal for professionals who may need less extraction during winter than in summer, or for daytime / nighttime applications.

Prima Klima’s two-speed fans are considered the most silent fans in the market and were voted the best fans by several industry publications in 2010. Each Prima Klima two-speed fan is supplied complete with wired mains leads and wall mounting bracket. Plastic spigots/flanges allow the user to reduce the outlet diameter—particularly useful when opting for the lower speed setting.

MES motors are fitted as standard with backward formed impellers for up to 15% more airflow than standard fans.

Available with EURO or UK plug and cables or body only.

Code 1.speed
PowerCurrentVoltage Weight Quantity
per pallet 
PK100 MES-2160280100 mm27-40 W 0.18 A230 V2.9 kg84 pcs
PK125 MES-2220360125 mm45-65 W 0.25 A230V2.6 kg84 pcs
PK150 MES-2390760 150 mm  85-105 W0.46 A230 V3.7 kg 72 pcs
PK160 MES-2  420800 160 mm  85-105 W0.46 A230 V3.7 kg 72 pcs
PK200 MES-2 450950 200 mm  120-155 W0.67 A230 V3.8 kg 72 pcs